Running to catch up with the world's fittest man

I still haven’t read the couch to 5k plan I linked to over two years ago, but someone else did take turning 30 seriously: Dean Karnazes. At the age of 30 on a night out with the lads he decided to run 30 miles. He had no special training, but he says, “and I just got this feeling. When the clock struck midnight I told them I was going to run 30 miles. I guess I was having an early midlife crisis.”

Dean hasn’t stopped since, he runs 70-80 miles a week and at the age of 43 has just completed 50 marathons in 50 days! Read about his story written by a gasping Jeremy Taylor who struggled to keep up with him on his 23rd race.

I turn 31 in a few days time, I think I might manage walking home from Blarney village a mile away, with a following wind.

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