The Sharkoon Xtatic Headset arrived and …

The Sharkoon Xtatic Headset arrived and I played two games of Modern Warfare 2 with them. Sound quality is great, although mid to high range sounds are missing a bit of “oomph”. They need a bit more bass. The subwoofer does a great job with booming explosions however!

Unfortunately at this time of day it was really hard to find a game, so I had to play on rust where it’s so small that players are all around you making noise. The next game on Favela was better, and I clearly heard footsteps clomping up the stairs 🙂

All in all, my first impressions are good, the sound is immersive. I noticed the wind blowing on rust and other atmospherics that I never heard before when playing with a stereo headset. There are a ton of settings I don’t know about so I’ll need to experiment with those to find the best ones.