Clashes in Dublin over loyalist march

Clashes in Dublin over loyalist march – burning cars, missiles thrown, vandalism and looting.
Yesterday a group of Unionists/Loyalists marched through Dublin in memory of all the victims of Republican violence. The Government hoped it would happen peacefully but I don’t think anyone really believed that.
I’m glad the Unionists didn’t march through Cork, it probably would have been worse.
If you recognise anyone in the footage or pictures, call Garda HQ on 01 6660000 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 250025. Thanks ElBlogador for those numbers.

This is covered in much more detail with pictures:

A sad, sad day for Ireland.
The Sunday Times has coverage of the background and riots:

Here’s a video of rioters overturning a car and smashing it. Citizen reporting is alive and well. (via)

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