Councils Move to Open Source Software!

I don’t have the details to hand, but it was reported in the Evening Echo and Red FM yesterday, Cork City and County Councils are going to move (all?) their desktop systems to Linux and Open Office over the next few years. I meant to buy the paper but of […]


The state of just about everything at OScon

This article is a good summary of keynotes at OScon. Many 2.5/2.6 changes were put to the test recently when Linus Torvalds announced his move to the Open Source Development Network and the OSDN site was slashdotted. Thanks to improved efficiency in the kernel (especially the virtual memory management system), […]


Open Source CRM software

Ken Guest started a conversation on IRC asking about an open source Goldmine clone. I’ve thought about this a lot in the past and even started on a web based interface to one, had the pop3 reading done, but then I lost interest in the project and the code has […]


The Usability of Open Source S …

The Usability of Open Source Software “They just don’t like to do the boring stuff for the stupid people!” (Sterling, 2002) Open source communities have successfully developed a great deal of software although most computer users only use proprietary applications. The usability of open source software is often regarded as […]

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