Open Source CRM software

Ken Guest started a conversation on IRC asking about an open source Goldmine clone. I’ve thought about this a lot in the past and even started on a web based interface to one, had the pop3 reading done, but then I lost interest in the project and the code has disappeared somewhere!
I searched and found this link directory listing lots of stuff.
I had the idea of using standard mail clients, along with some web interface to a db of users and email history. By using formail to capture outgoing mail, and procmail to capture incoming mail we could stuff that information into a database, maybe use LDAP as an address directory, or simply have “mailto” links on the web interface. The biggest problem is moving the email content from the web interface to the mail client as part of a reply..
This only addresses one aspect of CRM software of course, but it’s the most obvious one I can think of.

2 thoughts on “Open Source CRM software

  1. what crm software would you reccommned i have had a look at act, propet, salesforce and as im in ireland what would be best product to go for

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