Departure from outward office of exchange

I’m playing the waiting game on an order from Chinese website I suspect the package is coming via sail boat as it’s already been 3 weeks since my order was made and the China Mail website still has the same message: Departure from outward office of exchange When it […]


How to avoid Amazon Wishlist headaches

If, like me you have an Amazon wishlist you may be missing out on wishes if you’re not careful selecting them. The wishlist is a great idea. Browse around Amazon picking items you like and add them to a public list that your friends and family can use to buy […]

Photography – review and my bad experience

It’s about time I posted this as it’s been over a month since I had any dealings with 7dayshop. Since then I’ve dealt with several other online retailers without a hitch. When I shop, online or otherwise, I expect a reasonable level of service and care. When I shop online […]

Photography – No Warranties in Europe

I used fairly regularly in the past to purchase memory and the occasional camera, and most of the time it went without a hitch. I’m waiting on a camera from them at the moment too but it was ordered before I knew the following: they ship US sourced products […]


Where to get memory cards?

For future reference. My brother asked where he should get memory sticks for his new camera. I asked on #linux.. Here’s a few suggestions if you live in Ireland or the UK. Davoom 7dayshop – where I get most of my camera stuff Later.. I don’t recommend 7dayshop any […]

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