Departure from outward office of exchange

I’m playing the waiting game on an order from Chinese website I suspect the package is coming via sail boat as it’s already been 3 weeks since my order was made and the China Mail website still has the same message:

Departure from outward office of exchange

When it works that is, most of the time it just says this:

由于使用用户过多,请再次查询 返回

Loosely translated as “Due to the use of too many users, again returned by the query”. Thanks Google.

I bought myself a JXD A1000 when it was on sale a few weeks back. It’s a handheld gaming machine that plays old games from the 90’s. Apparently it’ll play most GBA games which is great because the collection of carts for my original GBA is lying idle in the attic and I won’t feel too bad looking for replacement roms online ..