Do Text Link Ads use Text Link Ads?

The front page of Text Link Ads doesn’t have any text link ads, and neither does their blog. The blog has “Auction Ads” adverts there instead.

Matt Cutts warned that sites selling links would be penalised by Google. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

8 thoughts on “Do Text Link Ads use Text Link Ads?

  1. Hey Donncha, no the only reason you don’t see Text Link Ads on is because it’s our main corporate site and we don’t sell advertising off it. On it is because it is a TypePad blog which means it won’t work with our system. I know, we are switching to WordPress soon! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Patrick for commenting! Glad to hear your blog is moving to WordPress too.

    Does TLA have anything to say about Google’s threats to penalise sites using your service?

  3. Indeed, few main business sites offer advertising on their front page, unless their business model revolves around earning from direct advertising revenues.

    As for Google’s threats – Google tends to be pretty fair when it comes to penalties & filters – you have to be pretty aggressive to get hit by a penalty, and filters are like the quality control aspects.

    So I would expect that Google’s war on links will seek to devalue the paid links, rather than penalise the sites.

    However, something to bear in mind is that a site with lots of advertising links on it could be sending it’s linking juice to those other sites, even where Google filters & devalues that juice.

    So a site with no ad links could rank better overall in Google and therefore gain more traffic, simply by the fact that it’s recommending it’s own pages and content via links, rather than third-party sites.

    2c. 🙂

  4. Brian – I’m glad you brought up the issue of PR leaking because I’m considering removing the nofollow tags on comment and trackback links. Everything is moderated anyway so I can vouch for each site.
    On the other hand it would be useful to nofollow some people’s links. Expect a “Sometimes dofollow” plugin in the near future!

  5. My recommendation is not to use TLA. I had an account there, and sold ads. When I closed the account, they refused to pay the balance.

    They got paid, but I didn’t. Beware!

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