7dayshop.com – No Warranties in Europe

I used 7dayshop.com fairly regularly in the past to purchase memory and the occasional camera, and most of the time it went without a hitch.

I’m waiting on a camera from them at the moment too but it was ordered before I knew the following: they ship US sourced products with US warranties! Reviews are mixed with some people having good experiences and others bad.

If you do find yourself without cause to complain about an online store what can you do? If you live in the EU there are laws regarding distance selling (UK version).
When you receive the goods you have a 7 working day cooling off period during which you can send the items back to the retailer without giving a reason. This is akin to browsing in a shop and not buying. You may have to pay the postage to return the goods however.

7dayshop, in their camera policies page do state that they’ll pay the postage if a manufacturing defect is found within 7 days or less.
If you have the item for more than 7 days you must contact them via their support page. It’s not clear whether they’ll have the item repaired/replaced or not, and later on they say, “If the item was purchased more than 1-year ago, then the warranty period is up, and you must contact the manufacturer directly – not us – to arrange for a repair to be made at your expense.”
But if the warranty wasn’t valid in the first place…

The Oasis.ie page on consumer affairs has links to more information that should broadly apply across the EU.

Later.. I don’t recommend 7dayshop any more. Read my 7dayshop review and please avoid them!

7 thoughts on “7dayshop.com – No Warranties in Europe

  1. Ahem.. I’m sure I wouldn’t have ordered the camera if I’d known more about 7dayshop. 😛
    I used a Sony camera without a warranty and it worked fine for almost 2 years so I can take care of equipment.
    Hopefully there won’t be any problems with the new camera, and there’s no reason why there should be.
    I’ll look elsewhere for future purchases however!

  2. I stupidly ordered something from them without having done any research, so when I discovered all of that I emailed them to cancel and they were suprisingly accomodating!

  3. What camera did you finally go for? I guess it might be the same choice I am about to make. 🙂

    Wrote in the comments (to another post) before, but looks like my comment got lost. NY-Camera online shop has good prices for photo equipment and they are in the EU. Though you have already ordered I guess.

  4. I opted for the Canon 20D. It should hopefully arrive today or tomorrow!
    Looks like NY Camera have quite a selection of lenses too. I’ll be in need of a zoom lens to go along with the 18-55 kit lens. The budget’s a bit tight so no USM probably. 🙁

  5. I have used http://www.acfoto.de in the past and they have excellent service.A lot cheaper than Irish prices (who is’nt) and they deliver COD. Delivery is about 40 euro so I find it pays to buy a couple of items at once.

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