Hide the annoying IRC bits in Xchat

I’m a big fan of Xchat (Windows version), an IRC client I’ve used for over a decade in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Here’s some tricks that you might find useful if you use IRC:

Hide the join/part/quit messages. If your IRC channel is busy you’ll know how annoying these are. The xkcd wiki has instructions for other IRC clients.

All channels: /set irc_conf_mode on
One channel: Right click on a channel, “Settings->Hide join/part messages” (src)

Hide the “UserX is known as UserY” messages. Users have scripts or use ZNC that will rename themselves when they go away or disconnect from the proxy. On a busy channel this can generate a huge amount of text.

Settings > advanced > text events

highlight “change nick”
in text box below, highlight that text and delete
press enter
click “ok” (src)

Many more tips here of course but I think the first tip above is the most useful, at least for me!


From the Deadly to the Bizarre!

This guy had a lucky escape! Builder survives nailgun accident – see the xray! 6 nails in his head! Wow!
And then there was the woman who bought 10,000 Mars bars.. Won’t need to worry about breakfast for a while! hehe.
And it seems IRC is under attack!

Still, I.R.C. perhaps most closely resembles the cantina scene in “Star Wars”: a louche hangout of digital smugglers, pirates, curiosity seekers and the people who love them (or hunt them). There seem to be I.R.C. channels dedicated to every sexual fetish, and I.R.C. users speculate that terrorists also use the networks to communicate in relative obscurity.

Sounds like a really bad place. Maybe Bosco lovers congregate there or something? 😛


Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”


gulfwar 2 on irc

If The Gulf War happened on IRC..