Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”

Author: Donncha

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371 thoughts on “Who is Michael Savu?”

  1. Where are you Micheal Savu! somebody should write an article on this guy, enquiring minds want to know!
    Set up a fund, I pledge $100 to the journalist who writes Micheals story!

  2. Heh, got here through google, aswell.
    If I had money, I’d hire someone to track this guy down… I really wanna see if he has his mom’s shoe up his hinder.

  3. wow. I googled him too. this is hysterical. he’s become a celeb. Poor guy can’t even go on the internet and appretiate it though. Do we think that last michael post is really him? can’t believe how many of us dorks looked him up because of the bash thing…

  4. googled too, landed here to. This looks like the temporary Michael Savu shrine ๐Ÿ™‚ What w also need is the ID of the assholes who put him up there in the first place … (So we can congratulate them)

  5. dear internet comunity,
    i have read about my sons interests, he is a teenager and i know him so well that i know he never will have written this. maybe it was one of his classmates who wants to make him mad.

    today is mothersday – i will speak with my son about his interests on internet.
    but for shure i will controll for now what he is doing.

  6. Googlists ahoy! Googled here as well, which just comes to show you you should be very careful when uploading blog entries. Making them available online is generally a bad idea. You would have expected there to be a fan club by now, wouldn’t you?

  7. I think the pledge and domain name is a good idea, how about michealsavuquest.com ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will also pledge some money as a reward for the person who tracks him down and interviews him..get some evidence and some photos!

  8. Count me on the Google brigade. Someday we will find Michael Savu. We will find him and rescue him from the church dungeon into which he hath been cast.

  9. Googled for Michael Savu, hey i just noticed this thread has been going for a whole year now. Thank you Michael, we will rescue you!

  10. Googled here from russia make you wonder

    This michal should try to use his popularity in some way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Long live rumors.

  11. lmao, the internet constantly proves to me that there are those out there more pathetic than i am, and i thought i was being original when i did this

  12. I also thought I was being original. I mean come on, “who the hell else would Google for Michael Savu”, I said to myself.

    I hate myself.

  13. Hehe, funny how bash.org makes random IRC chatters minor celebrities ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I’m also disappointed in how unoriginal this search idea turned out to be.. fiftieth comment to this thread now, approximately one searcher every week since May, 2003 :/.

  14. hehe, I came here via google too… finally (After about 2 months of seeing Michael Savu’s infamous quote on bash over and over) thought of googling it and here I am. Seems no one really knows who he is, I wish that bash quote contained the channel name or server at the very least.

  15. It’s been over a year since the hunt for the elusive Michael Savu began. I see him and his mother have left a message on here (if they are genuine) and I’m wondering whether he’s learnt his lesson? Or has been punished justly..? Heh heh.
    [Got here through Google & Bash.org too!]

  16. Wow, I didn’t know Mr. Savu had such a big following ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like to know who he is myself. Yeah, got here via google.

  17. nah, dont pic a picture of jesus, make it elvis, we supposedly know jesus’s whereabouts, and some of us, (yours truly excluded), expect him to return, but noone thinks he’s alive at the moment. elvis on the other hand…. we’ve got no f***ing clue.

  18. Got here through google from bash.org :). Michael Savu…if you’re out there reading this. How does it feel to be an internet legend? And did you ever hook up with Michelle? I’m dying to hear the end of the story…does anyone have more info?

  19. hasn’t anyone tried googling usenet?

    searching for “michael savu” in google groups:


    yields a promising start point. someone named “michael savu” looking to buy/sell several computer related parts circa 1999. the top result even has a phone number and email (even though they may very well be out of date):


    “If interested email msavu@123.net or call 313493-8524 and ask for Mike Savu.”

  20. I also Googled here like most of you. If the above post is leading us to the correct Michael Savu, he lives somewhere in southeast Michigan (Detroit/Dearborn area). Perhaps our search is coming close to its end.

  21. I am also a Googler, never knew there were as many bored geeks out there searching stupid shite also! I am pledging my first born child as a sacrifice to the Michael Savu Foundation. God truly does love this horny little man!

    1. Lawl

      thats because all of these bored nerd are inside… You don’t see them in public. They are googling Michael Savu! xD

  22. Oh, where are you, Mike Savu?
    What happened to you when all this was through?
    Did your mother kill you, or leave you black and blue?
    Are you happy with the fame you have managed to accrue?
    Or would you not of said those things if you could start anew?
    Oh, where are you, Mike Savu?

    I got here using Google.

  23. Ha I found it the bash.org thing funny as hell, but chances are bash changed the name of the person to michael savu. I mean bash has pretty tight security and besides they probably knew he was gunna get in trouble so meh. Also I doubt that anyone claming to know him is lying.

  24. A person named Michael Savu is listed on Google Groups as attempting to sell some computer wares circa 1999. The phone number listed on these posts is still registered as a landline phone number to “Michael Savu,” hailing from Novi, Michigan (this info attained by WhitePages). Should anyone attempt to contact him, the phone number publicly listed on Google Groups is: (248) 449-7140. His cellular number, a Detroit number registered to Ameritech Cellular, is (313) 493-8524. Happy Savu Hunting.

  25. LOL, I also found this place through Google. #78 is probably right though. Bash.Org might of changed the “real name.”

  26. this is too funny. got here through google and bash also.
    …damn, this guy’s got one hell of a name on the net (if he does exist, that is…)

  27. hello – i just wanted to join the community of people who want to know what happened to him… Holy Shit – I thought I’m the only person who googles for his name!…

  28. This is so cool! I’m definetly gonna phone him tommorow. If it is him, and he tried to sell wares in 1999, than he must be in his late twenties. Because according to earlier posts his quote was sent to bash.org a couple years ago. Man this is like….Detective Jack or something. Who’s Detective Jack? And more importantly, who is Micheal Savu?

  29. So, two years and we still don’t know if this guy exists, and we’re still leaving anonymous notes in this blog. Heh. Behold the power of the internet, or something ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. goddamn you michael. Please give us your address, phone number, email, shoe…anything, so we can track you down and discover the mystery of whatever happened if/when your mother found out.

  31. Yes. I Googled Michael Savu after reading the Bash.org quote, and read 97 messages from other people who have done the same.

    He’s our new messiah, this is a religious experience.

  32. Happy to be 101 person ๐Ÿ™‚
    Micheal where are you…. we should start a milk box campaign…. “Have you seen Michael?”

  33. Man, I guess it’s time to start the Church of Savo. Got here through google… I guess I’ll be yet another useless post that doesn’t solve the mystery.

  34. Hehe… Google… I don’t think that he exists though, or that it is his real name. Don’t you guys google yourself once in a while? He must have found that page, or somebody who knows him. Did anyone tried to phone that guy in detroit? Happy Savu hunting,

  35. omg, you sad f00kers, do you have nother better to do then google this kids name?! Didnt think so! Me neither ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. What the hell am I doing here? I should be studying for my final exam ( maths, starts in 3 hours)… But I cant be bothered, I must know first where he is………………….

    MICHAEL WHERE ARE YOU :::::_??????

  37. Michael Savu,

    A modern day Livingstone.

    20 Guineas to the first man to find him I say!

    – Arthur.

  38. Yet another Googler ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although if Michael was indeed the one mentioned on bash.org, I don’t think his landline would be registered as “Michael Savu”, but in his parents’ name… Anyone tried to actually call him?

  39. Long live Michael Savu! I don’t know, it just seems to me that there’s something poignant in his story… something that speaks to every one of us who’s ever tried to find solace and release on the internet from the demands and pace of modern teenage life…

    Whether or not we find you, and whether or not you were actually grounded, God bless you, Michael… for you are the Son of Mom, who suffered for the sins of all geeks – the forum flaming, the hidden pr0n downloads, the mp3’s and Divx rips, and the gaming binges when we should have been freaking doing homework, so give us our daily bandwidth fix, and deliver us from lag, dialup and the MPAA, forever and ever, amen.

  40. Savu is a finnish last name so he might be of scandinavian family who has moved to US
    just googled here looking for savu as well…

  41. My mom’s set a ton of parental blocks on my internet access, that’s about it. Yikes, I hadn’t seen this page on me before… Then again, why the hell should you believe I’m Michael Savu? Heheh

  42. hahahaha
    I have to say bash is awesome!! after reading the bit about Michael Savu google led me to here, to all you people with similar interests. unfortunatedly the image search on google did not yield a mug shot of the poor guy hahaha must be pretty cool for him to type his name and find a whole host of people online who want to know about him.

    also…who is this michell…XD

    also of note, this shady character who goes by Seeker on irc…hehe wanna who he is.

    there was somequote near the top that was someone claiming to be michael savu, no way to know for sure tho.
    Hey Michael! post your mug, don’t be shy LoL

  43. What i want to know, was did Michael Savu ever get the chance to fuck Michelle’s brains out???
    If i were a girl i would find it very romantic to be mentioned on bash.org ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. Oh yes. Of course I can’t be original. I’m not even original in doing that! But nice blog. Gotta love the t-shirt idea. Someone send me one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe put a big shoe or something on it… hehe

  45. Fucking awesome, I know now for sure I’m not the only fucking guy on earth with absolutely nothing else better to do…
    From France ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Umm yeah, same here, found through Google.

    But I’ll bet it’s a faked entry. I’ll bet there is no “real” Michael Savu.

  47. Googling from New Zealand. This is a phenomenon to rival the Trojan Room Coffee Pot. What I want to know is, why on earth doesn’t Wikipedia have an article on Michael Savu???

    #98 is right, this is a religious experience. I have faith in the imminent and this-worldly revelation of WHTMS [What Happened To Michael Savu]. We shall call the day WHaTMaS. Like Christmas, but not.

  48. …yea, im pathetic. got here through google, and didnt expect to find anything. maybe his mom locked him in his room with no computer, tv, or other electronics

  49. …same story. If his name really is Michael Savu he’s probably googled for his name, found this blog and /could/ reveal his identity. But unfortunately he doesn’t…

  50. Yup, my thoughts excactly… he would have given us a confirmation or at least a comment by now I think… so chances are it’s all made up. Nice story though… and yes, I also googled after reading on bash ๐Ÿ˜‰

    cheers from norway.

  51. google.
    Sadly no real confirmations on Savu here ๐Ÿ™ Gotta love the “Free Michael Savu” T-shirt! ๐Ÿ˜€

    A couple of entries here from differnet people caliming to be Savu (and one from “his mom”). Probably fake, but if you’re out there Savu we want confirmation of your excistence! Google your own name and make a blog of your own dude!

  52. Every six months or so I tries to find any new information has show up regarding the outcome of his bash statement.

  53. Damn it.
    I hate bash.org, cause it made me google this name and now it took me here. And you guys dont know it either.
    Burn in hell Michael Savu!!!

  54. do the people who run bash.org have any info about who posted te comment? an ip address? the real information archaelogists would have to go through the logs at bash – get the date and ip for the submitter, then use arin to get the netblock of the isp, contact the isp, see if you could get the customer who had that ip on that day, find the customer, figure out who might have posted the comment to bash.org — and maybe , then we would find out who really is Michael Savu.

    Everything online is just a story.

  55. Dear interested parties,
    You will be happy to learn that Michael has mended his ways
    and, although banned from the Internet for life, he shows great promise in turning his life around.
    Because he freed up so much time by avoiding the squandering of his energies on the web, he has applied himself to his studies and was just recently accepted into medical school with an interest in specializing in brain surgery. I can’t believe my little foul mouthed “Mikie” is going to be a fucking brain surgeon!

    Again, thanks for all your interest,

    Mrs. Savu

  56. I was wondering if I was the only one who actualy das stuff like searching people that may actualy not exist….

    anyway… Where is he from?

    Das he know that people are asking for him even in Estern Europe?

  57. came here the same way as the rest of you, seriously.. someone must make something out of this, an article or something, “finding Michael Savu” or,
    “the story of Michael Savu
    – I wasn’t gonna fuck her brains.. alot..”

  58. Another one from google. It’s time to get organized guys. Go check your neightbours, then start calling private eyes. Report here every 30 minutes. I promise, we will find Michael before the 3rd season of Lost is over.

  59. mike savu is my cousin in real life .it seems like this a joke about mike savu all these replys. he plays the squeeze box.he lives in us nyc .. maybe not the mike savu you all are talking about. but there is a real mike savu .long live michael savusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusavusa

  60. hi, googled here from eastern europe ๐Ÿ™‚

    michael sure is a world famous celebrity, i just saw there are t-shirts being sold with the caption ‘Free Michael Savu’, and quotes from his post

    archeologists are going to put him into history books a thousand years from now

  61. not in India. I think Google needs to be told to put up a filter. three years people have been coming here looking for him. THREE YEARS! he’s like freaking osama.

  62. Wow, I never expected so many people to look for Michael on google like I did. The dirst replies here date back to 7/2003. That’s more than 3 years ago and Michael Savu still hasn’t searched himself on google?

    I look for my own name on google regularly to see which websites I’m on.

  63. Hello o// greetings from finland. yea, savu is last name in here finland, and means smoke ^^ I have to get that t-shirt ๐Ÿ™‚ bash and google, I was thinking I’m only one who is looking mrs. savu… guess not ๐Ÿ˜› hope you understand my english.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. greeting from sweden. just another proud member of the Church of Savu…

    i know you’re all little mulders, wanting to believe and all that, but let’s face it: that bash quote is fake. who the hell has a devout christian mother who reads bash.org? it’s off the chart on the bullshit-o-meter.

    that said, i’m surprised nobody has called the usenet number and posted here about what happened. i think somebody should. if there actually is a michael savo, fake bash quote or not, it would probably be amusing for him to hear that there is a weird thread on some random site that will never die devoted to some possibly non-existent person with his name.

    ps. “mail required”? wtf? hugely annoying.

  65. Glad to open the French subsidiary of the Church 3 1/2 years after.

    (Just one question : why on earth would bash change the original name -supposedly to protect the guy- to another existing name -the latter being not protected from sth he didn’t even initiate. Nah. There’s only one Michael Savu. And it turns out to be Michael Savu – sounds like a Fijian name btw)

  66. this is fucking crazy, I feel like i fell into some sort of trap by coming here after searching for him on google… just crazy. Next up, wikipedia.

  67. Well, for one, it looks like this is the official Michael Savu site.

    Two, even if you did find him, there’d be pretty much no way to get confirmation that it was him.

    Eat a turkey basket a die,

  68. Googled from Belgium

    Damn… poor Savu must be freaked out to know that all these people are looking for him… what happens if we find him anyway? ^^

  69. Michael Savu is the ghost in the internet! He’ll live forever on Google.

    This is the best thing I’ve found on the net in ages.

  70. How many years have passed? Leaving my footprint in the history of Internet legends – I’ve googled him too.

  71. I went from Bash to Google to Here and I think that maybe this is a sign from above that I should turn off the computer now.

  72. Wow. 4 years of this phenomonon. I saw the quote ages ago, got bored and thought “who’d google this?”

    …i feel like such a geek. ;___;

  73. Michael was all talk and no walk. Worst 5 minutes I’ve ever had. I told my sister to not even bother with him.

  74. I just googled his name and got here too, after reading it on bash LOL. He should get his own Wikipedia page as an Internet Phenomenon (or is it not that big yet?)

  75. Man, this is awesome. I actually think its quite probable Michael Savu would have found this page by now, if that’s his real name. Admit it, all of you have google your own name.

    And if he found this page, he would probably write something. And has probably done. But we think its fake, because there’s at least three different comments claiming to be from him, and two from his mom.


  76. Michael Savu, d. July 10th 2005. Died of embarassment at realizing that he was immortalized on bash.org.
    posted by clevershark at 8:59 AM on July 6

    all i found on the internet ;P

  77. It’s probably more common to see a UFO than to see Michael Savu… oh where are you?

    Came via the Bash-Google route.

    Iceland wants to find you Savu…

  78. michael savu was last spotted heading south for the mexican border on a cool chopper, being pursued at a high speed by his mom in a helicopter gunship…run michael! run!!

  79. Another one looking for Michael Savu. Same path, bash. google. here.
    Sad to hear that even today he’s still misssing.

  80. Seems like Michael Savu Disapeared of the face of the earth btw we should make the wiki entry. I’ll try to get round to in sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. What?
    3 years since i first was here and still no clue?

    Can’t we hire someone? Like Scooby Doo?

  82. I have been looking for michael savu aka Turno on the internet for years now, he’s become kind of a legend, as someone mentioned in the comments: the ghost of the internet.
    I find this pretty cool, all these people from all over the world bonded by one thing: a quest to track down our messias Michael Savu

    I have so many questions,
    did he get banned from the internet by his mom, or did she in fact kill him, how old will he be right now, did he ever get the chance to fuck michelle’s brains out, and whaddabout her sister, is the sister as hot as michelle,
    do the 2 girls even know about michael savu’s fantasies, are the guys who put the quote on bash his friends or just some internetbuddies,
    some many questions, so few answers

  83. holy crap michael is popular as hell, its quite unpleasant to get famous because he just wanted a fuck… give him a brake,

    P.S does anyone have Michelles and her sisters pictures??

  84. hey guys
    great to see so many fans

    i left a small story on what happened with Michelle somewhere on the internet, pics included

    gl googling

    ps. my mom never read the quotes

  85. Michelle Savu, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery, UCSD

    found this on the net. someone reading this surely knows somebody who works for the cia, please do a quick search ๐Ÿ™‚ even though he seems to be tougher to find than me.bin ladin ๐Ÿ˜›

  86. Ha ha lol another googler here, got this from bash.org to, where are you Michael? did u get in shit or wat?

  87. You gotta be effin kiddin’ me. Google Michael Savu will ya? What makes all of us do this? Do you realize we all did the same thing after reading that quote? Are we special or what?

    Mr. Savu reveal yourself, bruises, scars, wet noodle penis from banging Michelle and all.

  88. Hi, I am Michael Savu and am with the C.I.A., I banged Mechelle and am a Daddy. I am 46 years old have prostrate cancer which I hope to survive.

    I would like to thank all of you for thinking of me and wish all of you the best. I have to go now as I am going to Bang Mechelle.

    God Bless

  89. an I am number 280 who came here through google… lol
    i wonder if he is allowed to use the internet now, after so many years…

  90. Googled here for the second time in three years, comment #281 ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hoping to hear from mysterious Mr. Savu some day…. Almost 300 comments, think about how many of us have only looked this thread without leaving a comment through these five years.

  91. Still no luck finding the elusive Savu… What would happen if he was found? Prob not much, “mini yay” then back to the internets.

  92. I got here through Google too….damn this guy is so popular!! So much people are looking for him….come on Savu…show ya self!!! We are waiting for u!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  93. Hey there, I’m french and i googled Mike Savu. Holy crap if this guy exists, he should know about this page. I mean, internet is freakin’ awesome sometimes.
    Getting back on bash.org
    C ya!!

  94. I am Michael Savu, I am here to let everyone know of
    my purpose. You may ask what is that purpose,and I ask
    in return for you to tell me. I am waiting for your
    direction as I can make a difference.

  95. Haha wow, I really thought I was being orignal by Googling for this… time to go back and look at the other results now.

  96. Poor Michael Savu. Probably married, with kids, divorced, alcoholic by now…

    Can’t help but to feel sorry for the poor guy.

  97. YEAH I got myself into the first six years in the Michael Savu thread, in 2068 I can make belittling comments about newcomers joining the wagon. Admired by the masses, I will have my own Michelles in excess.

  98. HA! nice to see that after 5 years people are still googling michael savu. daaaamn wonder how long people will do it for

  99. Y’know, at this point even if the real Michael Savu *did* show up online and said, “I am Michael Savu,” no one would believe him and it’d be all but impossible to prove.

    Alas, poor Michael Savu truly exists only in our hearts.

  100. Michael where are you??

    wonder if michelle still looks as hot as she used to
    not to speak about her sister

  101. i was here two years ago:

    “grreg says: May 3, 2007 at 9:26 am
    where is michael savu??”

    and i see that he is still being googled ;]

  102. Omg after 6 years, no trace O.o .. I think after 3rd year of searching, FBI got him into protection.

  103. Googled it several times – still haven’t found out who he is.

    Though i don’t think a church-mom would be browsing bash.org….

    If she did – no wonder nobody ever could find him – he’s still grounded ๐Ÿ˜€

    Greets from Denmark

  104. It’s Christmas 2011. For some reason I ended up on bash.org and ended up googling Michael Savu, only to find an epic decade’s worth of fellow nerds.

    I think we’ll never know now!

    (I also want to know what happened when Pete and Ken met at the beach: http://bash.org/?287414 )

  105. The days of irc. Heh I first saw this around 2004. I can only imagine that this guy is probably out of college entering the world for the first time. Unlike the rest of us who still seem to still be squatting behind a computer screen wondering “what ever happened to Michael Savu”. I think that says a lot about the real irc community. Maybe it is more a reality check than anything. Even I came here wondering. Perhaps its time for people (myself included) to stop wondering and move on. The internet is full of falsehoods. It is entirely possible this comment was formulated to create curiosity. Maybe its a sick psychological joke created by the real Michael Savu. The world will never know. I suggest people move on and stop wondering. Irc is like everything else on the internet its a waste of time. Think I’ll end with one of the old Cult of the Dead Cow quotes:

    “Save yourself! Go outside! DO SOMETHING!”

    I think I understand that more now than I ever did before and boy were they right.

    -Weston Easer-
    Hell, Norway

  106. Oh man, I remember when I first saw that on Bash.org. Cool people on the internet from back then, when everything was pretty much anonymous.

  107. Still looking for Micheal Savu in 2013.. :p
    From bash.org to Google to here…

    Someone should find him :p Hope he knows that the internet still exists :p

  108. Still wondering whatever happened to Michael Savu. If he was a teenager in May of 2003, then he’s in his 20’s now in 2013. I wish he’d do a slashdot interview or an AMA on reddit. There’s a Michael Savu profile on linkedin, but I’m rather certain it’s not the right one.

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