Caching PHP applications using …

Caching PHP applications using Smarty Using Smarty is daunting at first, there’s so much it can do. Here’s a way to take advantage of Smarty’s caching functionality in your pre-existing applications. What we’re going to do is use the PHP4 output buffering and cache the output of your script through […]


URL trail -> -> …

URL trail -> -> Flangy -> Web Graphics -> ~cac6982, finally! There’s over 20 examples of using CSS style sheets to alter the look and layout of a site here. Worth looking at it. Pamela Anderson has Hepatitis C. (from Dangerous Meta)


The Irish abortion referendum …

The Irish abortion referendum is going to happen on March 6th. The Catholic Bishops of Ireland released a leaflet describing their stance on the abortion issue. They’re calling for a YES vote. The Pope is also calling for a YES vote. Unfortunately they don’t have a website I can link […]


Unbreakable? …

Unbreakable? CERT Advisory CA-2002-08 Multiple vulnerabilities in Oracle Servers Original release date: March 14, 2002 Last revised: — Source: CERT/CC A complete revision history can be found at the end of this file. Systems Affected * Systems running Oracle8i Database * Systems running Oracle9i Database * Systems running Oracle9i Application […]


So, who wants scones? I spent …

So, who wants scones? I spent my last five quid on 8 scones (with currants of course!) and a cake of brown bread. Yum. Oh and of course, some dog food for Spring. The rest of the change went into the charity box in Super Valu here in Ballincollig! Except […]

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