Police Brutality in Barcelona

If you’ve been watching the news you probably missed the bit about the protests in Spain recently. I certainly haven’t heard anything about them on Irish radio stations and among those I follow on Twitter only Allan Cavanagh seems to be talking about it. Spanish TV stations aren’t talking about it either apparently:

Meanwhile, Barcelona TV has a cooking show; TV1 is covering an actress with depression; TV3 (Catalan) discussing bass guitars. #acampadabcn

He linked to a very distressing video showing Police brutality against unarmed protesters in Barcelona. Unfortunately (or thankfully depending on how sensitive you are to violence) I can’t embed it here.

I remember years ago a Spanish friend warning me that the Police there weren’t to be messed with, and she was only referring to traffic police.


5 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Barcelona

  1. I translated the text on that page, this is the reason why the Police attacked:

    The Autonomous been forcibly evicted camping Movement 15-M in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona. With public health reasons, and facing a possible conclusion of FC Barcelona, ​​the police have finally charged the protesters to try to disperse and make way for municipal cleansing vehicles (ATLAS)

    To make way for the trash collection and street cleaners? F*ck that.

  2. dear Donncha

    it`s really awful and its spain.. not yemen or libya and so on. and i`m shocked about the last weeks and western media because you can really not trust stuff like Reuters and so on. i was in syria 2 weeks ago, traveled through the country and yeah one day a friend of mine called me.. beware of this place in this city because theres a huge demonstration right now and al-jazeerea & reuters and so told so. i was at this place in syria at this moment. no demonstration, just a normal friday.

    i see there are demonstrations in some villages and citys in syria but theres much more behind it than a call for democracity (sorry my english..). and its pushed from outside. i`m german and have nothing to do with syria but after my own experiences in the last month i learned my lesson that the media is not keen on facts, they want dramatic demonstrations, a syrian spring..

    but have a look at tunis and egypt.. will they really change to democracity in some months, years? Mh.

    beside this awulf happenings worldwide.. have a good day!

  3. Message from Greece
    Hold on brothers.We have the same problems here.I am just worrying about 1 thing.
    All these policemen dont have family?What if some of these ppl are familiar to them? They face the same financial problems but they react with all this cruelty. National revolution is near. Things will change.Thats for sure.

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