Buying a car?

The Sunday Times offers advice on the deals being offered by the big brands, and runs through some of the tricks salesmen use to sell you that dream car!

Breaking News – Risk-taking boys do not get the girls

Following on from my previous look at men, women and cars. Rebecca also pointed at this story: Risk-taking boys do not get the girls!

WHETHER it’s driving too fast, bungee-jumping or reckless skateboarding, young men will try almost anything to be noticed by the opposite sex. But a study of attitudes to risk suggests that the only people impressed by their stunts are other men.

But hey, if you want to impress the guys… 🙂

EdgeSaver – Longer Lasting Razor Blades

Someone left a comment here asking if I’d used EdgeSaver and if it worked. I don’t know, but Google does and review after review after review have been positive so I guess there’s something to this product. ‘Course, it could well have been a comment spam but this actually looks useful if it works. Does it?
Update… I asked a chemist friend and his opinion is, “don’t waste your money” as it’s just, “a fancy WD40 – an oil that expels water and essentially air contact (necessary for corrosion of metal) from the surface of the metal so that it cannot corrode through oxidative chemical reaction.”
Any sort of oil-based lubricant can be used but of course it has to be safe, don’t go spreading 3-in-1 or WD40 on your face! It’ll seriously hurt you!
A “food grade oil” is ok, and the ones that immediately spring to mind is sunflower or olive oil. Still not quite comfortable with those either. They’re fine in the frying pan, but in the bathroom?
I must look into essential oils, why not use lavender, rose, or another fragrant oil instead? Lavender oil will relax you too!
Thanks Justin for the above!
Later still… Someone left a comment on the previously commented post saying they, “have been using edgesaver for about a year now and have no regrets of the purchase.” Unfortunately it comes from a very similar IP and the same ISP as the comment that sparked all this off so it’s likely to be a spam attempt. Stick with the olive oil folks!
Ah ha! I’ve confirmed in my own head that this is comment spam, although clever and manual – Follow the links from this search to find the same comments on this post and here too.
Still an interesting idea that the lifetime of blades can be extended by immersing them in oil.
Much later.. Edge Saver have rebranded as RazorMax. I only mention this in case someone doesn’t find this blog entry when they look for the new name!

Holding Your Breath?

Who else stayed up late watching the US election commentary and watched the non news unravel?
As time passes it looks more likely that Bush will win again and that has serious implications for the left, or perhaps for American society as a whole. Who likes Kerry anyway?
At least we can probably look forward to seeing ol’ Bill in the Whitehouse again. Cigar wielding interms beware.
What if Bush Wins?

On another matter, no doubt, the plight of Margaret Hassan has been largely forgotten now as well. I heard her sister speak and plead with her kidnappers, and it’s heart wrenching.
Later Kerry concedes defeat (5 minutes ago!). Well George, you’ve got a tough job ahead of you – a huge defecit, looming recession, and war in Iraq. Good Luck.

Kerry ended his quest, concluding one of the most expensive and bitterly contested races on record, with a call to the president shortly after 11 a.m. EST, according to two officials familiar with the conversation.