Revive and get your kit on!

Err, get your kit back I mean! In Bad Company 2 you can revive a medic by grabbing his kit and reviving him but you’ll be stuck with his kit then. That’s not usually so bad but if you want your kit back you can press “E” while reviving. On […]


2 quick tips for Bad Company 2

So here I am sitting in a beautiful room looking out onto Dingle Harbour in County Kerry. The weather has unfortunately been less than favourable, but at least the rain has retreated and low cloud covers the waterfront. A stiff breeze blows but does nothing to move the seemingly perpetual […]


BC2 Style Clay Pigeon Shooting

I tried clay pigeon shooting a few times. It was fun the first time, and even the second time, but it got boring quickly. I don’t think we’d have tried shooting anti-tank mines however …

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