C64 , Games

8-bit Trip

Neat video showing off characters from the 8-bit era. C64 and Nintendo fans will recognise some favourites! 1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them. (via Justin and Retro Thing)


Picodore 64: Your DIY Commodore 64

Ever fancy your hand at building a C64 laptop? Here are some screenshots and ideas from someone who built a mini laptop from the parts of a C64 games joystick! I have one of those joysticks.. I wonder if I can do the same, but I think I’ll stick with […]


c64ize An Image!

Justin has coded a c64ize script which will convert an image in modern formats such as jpeg or gif into what an 8 bit Commodore 64 would display! Ah yes, you had to be there…

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