GIMP Humour

Wilber on a coffee mug

Is it legal to display a GPLed image on a coffee mug? Wilber is the GIMP mascot and someone wants to sell mugs with his image on them.. Legal? Olivier Ripoll replied:

Wilber logo is GPLed. So as long as you provide the source code of your mug and carve the complete GPL licence on the bottom face of the mug, there is no problem.


GIMP: Layer Styles, Panoramas, and transparency

An email to the GIMP User List has a link to a Python layer style plugin. I haven’t tried it yet but an earlier plugin doesn’t work in GIMP 2.x anymore so I’ll try the “proof of concept” Python one.
Stitch Panorama 0.9.2 was announced on the list too. Replies were all positive, and Owen posted manual and automatic examples. I have a vertical panorama of Marshall Fields’ department store to fix up. I may use this to help me!
Ever wonder why you can’t write to a transparent layer? It is possible, you only have to enable it.
Oh, and finally.. if you’re annoyed by the way GIMP uses (or not) windows, then the next revision has much better control.

GIMP Photography

GIMP Lomo Plugin

mF posted a Lomo plugin for the GIMP. His example images on flickr look good but I haven’t been able to get the script to run in GIMP 2.0, will try in GIMP 2.2 tonight.

script-fu: Error while executing
(load “/home/donncha/.gimp-2.0/scripts/lomo2.scm”)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj script-fu-menu-register)

GIMP: Plug-In “script-fu”

attempted to install procedure “script_fu_lomo” in an invalid menu location.
Use either “<Toolbox>”, “<Image>”, “<Load>”, or “<Save>”

Update! Here is a GIMP Lomo plugin that works in GIMP 2.4!

GIMP Photography

GIMP and Photoshop Links

Lots and lots of links for the GIMP and Photoshop. Many I’ve seen but some surprises too.

GIMP Photography Photos

Sneem Sunset – 3 photo panorama

The picture above is a panorama made up of 3 hand-held shots taken in Sneem, Co. Kerry.

Stitching them together in the GIMP was fairly easy – adjust colours and brightness, line them up using semi-transparent layers and then use a layer mask and a gradient to make the joins mostly invisible. The tree branches were a bother though – I had to clone out some of them!

I really should document some of this stuff as this was a good example – because of the sunset each photo had very different light qualities and it was important to fine tune and match those colours.

GIMP Photography Tutorials

Levels Tool – white, black and grey to the rescue!

Everyone who’s done any processing of photos will know about the Auto button of their Colour Level tool. It’s something that probably appears in every decent photo manipulation application and it’s invaluable for correcting colour casts on photos. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work very well.
The GIMP offers 3 buttons next to the Auto function and with these three buttons it’s possible to pick out elements of the image under examination that are either black, white, or grey! Click the white button, then click an area of the photo that should be white. Do the same for grey and black if needs be.
I only (re?)discovered how useful these were this evening when I was trying to colour correct a photo taken indoors, but with the white-balance set to "cloudy". The picture appeared too rich, Auto levels made it green but by clicking the white button and then on a fridge in the background the photo was suddenly almost perfect! I’m not going to post that image but here are two I made earlier…


Fun With The GIMP

Using the in bevel tutorial I created the following logo with the GIMP. Pretty eh?
Several other tutorials there too, as on Deviant Art and here’s a tutorial for making A4 posters with the GIMP.

GIMP Photos

Cartoonizing Photos With The GIMP

This is fun! After reading this tutorial on making cartoons from photos I tried to emulate his technique in the GIMP. The dialogs are slightly different but here’s what I did..

  • Layer->Duplicate Layer
  • Select the new layer, Filters->Edge-Detect->Edge, select Sobel, Amount should be 2.0, and Black should be checked.
  • Invert the edge-mask layer, it’s in Layers->Colors->Invert
  • Back in the Layers Dialog, change the Layer Mode to Divide

Play around with Layer mode settings, desaturate the top layer, blur or otherwise mess up the bottom layer. Endless fun can be had! Feel free to post links to your own creations in the comments below!

Later.. on advice I got rid of the portrait, I’ll upload another tomorrow!

GIMP Photography

Gimp Hits 2.0

I took one day off and Microsoft are fined (a not so huge amount in terms of their cash-pile, and there could be further ramifications for the Free Software movement.) the previous day, and GIMP 2.0 is released! I’d link to but that site’s down and out. Here’s the usual Slashdot discussion on the matter including links to a Windows Gimp binary release. Apparently it’s much improved on previous versions!
Here’s the list of mirrors in case you want to download the source tarball now. Some mirrors haven’t updated yet, but has!