Did you download the Matrix 2?

I find this BBC article laughable! I spent over a week dodging Matrix 2 spoilers until I saw it last night! Even if the downloaded movie is of a higher quality than the usual movie rips I’d still rather see the movie in the cinema! This Slashdot discussion has more […]

Linux , Movies

Quicktime to Divx Conversion.

mencoder -ovc divx4 -oac mp3lame -noskip -o detect_640_dl.avi Great! My machine doesn’t play Quicktime movies very well – it’s under powered. It does play Divx files fine though. The above command will convert a Quicktime file into a Divx file. Not sure yet how the filesize of the new […]


Max Payne – Hero

As featured on slashdot already, this movie is excellent. If you’ve ever played Max Payne you’ll really like this movie. If you haven’t, you’ll still like it! On a side note, the fileshack registration process is quite nice, enter a username and email address, hit submit, then click on the […]


I went to see The Two Towers l …

I went to see The Two Towers last night. Thank you Mel for getting those tickets! It’s a great movie. BIG is the adjective that comes to mind. Occasionally, the thing that stopped me reading the books annoyed me in the film, that is, the continuous running over fields day-in […]

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