When Batman left Microsoft…

… there were cheers as gamers didn’t have to battle with “Games for Windows Live” or GFWL or “that pile of stinking sh*t that loses my save games” any more.

GFWL login

Except they do. As a final hurray, anyone who had either of the current Arkham games (Asylum or City) will get an upgrade to the GOTY version. Unfortunately the announcement says that save games cannot be transferred. Good old GFWL, evil until the end!

All is not lost however. If you’re willing to dig around with a hex editor here are instructions explaining how to make things work. I haven’t tried it yet but because I have Arkham City installed I can somehow play it with GFWL offline. It took me 5 hours to get through 16% of the game so hopefully I can salvage the save game! I can’t find any save file for the previous game which I had deleted but I had completed it and I don’t care for picking up all the Riddler’s trophies so no loss.

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