Mount drives in Linux

I was one of the lucky few to receive a 50GB upgrade from, (or where they now live, marketing fail?) when I installed their Android app. I don’t have a use for that much storage on my phone but on my desktop machines? Oh yes!

This forum post describes in detail how to mount a Box drive on a Debian/Ubuntu machine although the instructions will mostly apply to other systems too as long as they have the davfs2 package.

There is a gotcha. Instead of using you can use which is a good gotcha. Also, I’m not the only person to notice that the mount point has a lot less storage than I thought it would have. It should be 50GB total but this is what I see from df -h: 26G 13G 13G 50% /mnt/

It’s enough for my needs. I’m going to copy snapshots of my local email there every night.

PS. Are you a Windows user? Sync any folder with Google Drive using the instructions here (but it uses “hardlinks” which have limitations, read the comments for more).
Actually, forget what it says in that post. Copy your files to your Google Drive and then place a symlink on your local drive to the copied files or folders using mklink. Make sure you run cmd.exe as an Administrator. I found this worked perfectly to sync the Pictures folder after I had copied it to my Google Drive:

cd c:\Users\USERNAME\
mklink /d Pictures “c:\Users\USERNAME\Google Drive\Pictures”

Any files copied into the Pictures folder are copied to the Google Drive now!

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