Thanks Donncha, so it’s not in the admin panel on Super, good, I thought I might be getting senile in my old age and was not seeing it! LOL!

If you place the code you mention in the config file, would it not get overwritten the next time WordPress upgrades?? I’m no expert, but that is my understanding of what could happen.

I could also see adding the code as being problematic for some that do not know how to work with code, I know I could muddle through and get it done, but most users are not as advanced. I’m sure that most of the users of Super are of the “plug and play” type, the ones who just want a plugin to work without a lot of fussing with settings. Would it not be better to have an exclusion field in the admin panel where the page, or pages could be excluded as needed? I know that this would mean more work for you, but, it would give Super a clear advantage over the other cashing plugins. Contact Form 7 is extremely popular, just like Super, it makes sense to have these two plugins be compatable, just as making Super work with WP Touch.

Just a suggestion……