Harness racing on Cork’s roads

Two harness racers on the Cork to Mallow road defying Garda attempts to stop them and driving against traffic on a very busy road. Crazy guys, crazy.

More on Reddit and Silicon Republic.

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Look lads there are races on that road all the time with horses and no harm done it was the Garda that caused the madness forcering the pony to the other side of the road it 2 horses on the right side of the road for 2 mile the first 1 finish first wins but the Garda fucked it all up

MrFastpony 1 hour ago

This comment has received too many negative votes
For all ye stupid fucking cunts that have Notting better to do but call names what about all the junkies and prostitute and rapiest n child malisters of settle people ya never hare about travellers up on court for any of that so who is the real scumbags here I think it the settle kind

MrFastpony 6 hours ago

One thought on “Harness racing on Cork’s roads

  1. I spotted this the other day I was supposed to send it your way. It seems one of the lads was arrested yesterday.

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