WP Super Cache Scheduler and Admin Bar Link

I made a few changes to WP Super Cache over the last week. The garbage collection user interface received an overhaul and it’s now possible to schedule the those jobs using a timer or a clock. It can also send you an email each time it runs!

Another major change was the addition of a “Delete Cache” link on the admin bar for logged in users. This may seem strange, but it will only show if you have disabled caching for known users. Unfortunately this is needed because of the security measures required. It only deletes the supercache file(s) for the current page, not any legacy files associated with it.

If you’re feeling adventurous go download the development version from this page and give it a whirl. I really need feedback that this works well so please leave a comment if you try it.

The version number won’t change and when the next release comes out you’ll still get the upgrade notification!

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