Im stumped… I did the same thing in CCSM went the plugins tab and comp froze. Forced rebooted, when it came up Unity was gone and the top menu bar was replaced with File Edit View Go Bookmarks Help

Auto login is enabled, when I get to he desktop there are 5 sets of 3 lines going across the top and there blinking. Pressing Enter takes me to he login screen :/ so I can get there Lolz

When I try to logout it crashes. I can get to the terminal by using CTRL Super F2 if there’s any way to fix this that would-be awsome I’m a noob with Linux so please explain in detail thanks. I’ve had this same issue with 11.04 a few times and had to reinstall… But my computer is dumb so I had to install 10.04 and upgrade every IME which takes hour’s.