Health food firms told to "Prove it!"

It’s about time for this to happen. Food companies have been claiming X, Y and Z about their products for long enough. An article in the Sunday Times goes on to say that, “FOOD companies that make false or unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of their products will be forced to withdraw them under a new European Union crackdown.”

One of those products listed in a table that accompanies the paper version of the article is the baby food Aptamil. There is very little proof that it helps a baby’s immune system. Looks like Milupa were quick off the mark changing their packaging.


The prominent label, “Supports your baby’s natural immune system” is now missing on the new packaging. Score one for consumers!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Adam needs annother feed. Typing one handed takes ages!

While on the subject of feeding babies, there is an Islamic Fatwa that says adult men can be breast fed. Strange, but read more here

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9 replies on “Health food firms told to "Prove it!"”

It’ll be interesting to see if a large proportion of “health” shop rubbish comes under the new regime. I really need my chakras aligned.

I wonder if the geopathic stress crowd will have their services and products similarly tested? I’d love to be a fly on the wall at a meeting discussing this!

for me before the government of any country let the suppliers sell their products it must undergo a test to determine if it is safe to the people.

This irresponsible labelling of products has got to be stopped and it won’t be until there is legislation to prevent it

it sounds like a SF movie. i dont even want to think about the things i consume everyday without knowing exactly where they come from. but i dont want to sound pesimistic. great post!

I am just dreaming of the government which takes care of its citizens’ safety before giving a green card to suppliers. Will we have products and services tested or will we remain speechless victims of irresponsible labeling? The articles like yours help us see the real situation at our market.

thats what im say test the baby products before because those other countries dont care about the health of our children