Mike, Muse and myself came across our fi…

Mike, Muse and myself came across our first boosting team in Bad Company 2 tonight (err last night, it’s after midnight.)

It was on Arica Harbour and we were decimating the other team. They got nowhere near us before we killed their vehicles or shot them down but a few players still managed to get 2500 points and more on the first stage. A few did get through eventually and took both crates. Most of our team were too far forward, but Mike and I did rush back but they got Alpha just as we got them.

That may explain why someone got -1660 points in the previous round. Wish I’d taken a snapshot of that..

Good games again finally (last few days have been atrocious!), my KDR went up to 0.79 (1.62 for tonight: 73/45), I got my 5th gold star on the AN-94, my first “7 kills with a sniper” pin, unlocked the 12x recon zoom and I’m level 25 now.

On Isla I took Alpha with the help of copious amounts of smoke, and then defending Mike positioned himself on a far off island, tagged the helicopters before they launched and each heli was taken down by up to 3 rockets! I got a nice double kill when a medic sneaked into Bravo. I had my gun on him and just as I fired another medic spawned on him! Got a nice double kill!
While at Bravo again an engineer got in, I emptied my clip in his direction and he did the same doing some serious damage to me but we were both out of ammo and right next to each other! I flicked to secondary and started to reload my tracer gun and with red blood all over my screen we danced around and around until I managed to knife him. Thanks klaustaler for the gold dog tags. Hell of a fight!

I think we beat them in that round on the first base! Amazing stuff.

Thanks Mike, Ian. Needed those good games after the really bad few games of the last few nights.

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