I have to agree, the Kindle app for Android (and also iPhone but I only have one for dev purposes..) is extremely useful.

I spent the small hours of the morning travelling from Grenoble to Cork via Geneva (train), then via Dublin (Aer Lingus) and finally to Cork via train… and not one need to open bags to take out books, flip pages, move too much while I was resting etc.. just flick of the thumb and the page changed.

God send. My view on reading books on a small screen has been changed massively, it’s ultra convenient – and while it’s not necessary to view the entire page’s text in one go, it will take a tiny bit of adjusting.

One word of warning – not all books are optimised correctly. I ordered a book called “The Squad” which is about Michael Collin’s Intelligence activities – the pages do not render correctly AT ALL.. I’ve notified Amazon but still waiting for some reaction from the publishers.