I don’t mind reading text on LCD screens but for novels the Kindle’s E-Ink screen makes a huge difference and Instapaper has shifted most of my online article reading onto that screen too.

The best thing about my Kindle is that I am reading voraciously again, a habit I slipped out of over the past few years. I have been reading a book per day since September.

With regard to you having to use the US Kindle store, I live in the UK but deliberately changed my account to use the US store – right now, the prices seem similar but, historically, book prices are always lower and availability higher in the US, I expect that pattern to reassert itself once Amazon stops pricing as ruthlessly as they have been in order to create the market. Also, I’m not sure if many publishers go to the trouble of creating different American and UK English versions (do they make US English versions of Roddy Doyle? Irvine Welsh?) but I doubt you’ll notice anyway – after all, we spend our days online floating between the two types of English anyway.

Whatever device you use, you should check out Calibre, the open source ebook library app.