Defending on Nelson Bay

Another gameplay video, this time Bad Company 2 and on Nelson Bay again. Duck had just signed off but I stayed around for a few more games. In a previous game the team we were playing won a lengthy 30 minute game of rush by C4ing the one remaining MCOM station when they were down to 7 tickets. An act of desperation, and really pissed me off after such a long battle! That’s probably one reason we stuck to Alpha in this base. We had to.

Commentary volume is slightly higher but I had to talk quietly because the rest of my family were in bed and I didn’t want to wake them up!

0 thoughts on “Defending on Nelson Bay

  1. Just commented on your channel mate but this one is much better in respect of clarity and being able to hear you better. Great video as well.

    Oh well lets hope I get mine live tonight although no where as good as yours…! Look forward to seeing more only wish I knew what you were doing as not played this.

    1. Conor – *cough*read my blog*cough* I blogged that a week or so ago 🙂

      You buying? I will, seems like reasonably good value for what you get!

      dvotee – thanks for the comment! If you ever feel like getting something different, I have Bad Company 2 on Xbox too and it’s a great game! Don’t buy it second hand though, unless it’s significantly cheaper as you have to buy a “VIP pass” to play all the maps online.

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