Oh! Hi there Tye!

So we had some great games of Bad Company 2 last night. I was playing for quite a bit with Mike and Duck and sent numerous invites to Tye. When I eventually bumped into him it wasn’t quite in the fashion I expected…

Got some great clips, but it also recorded our voice chat (well, except mine) so I need to configure the PS3 correctly to avoid that in the future. On the other hand, I’m glad I did get Mike’s frantic “Get him! Get him! Get him!” as I danced with an enemy in a small room with knifes out! I was laughing so much it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t recorded!

Edit: Here’s that knife dance. Warning, some of the game chat is NSFW. And a bonus clip too, a sniper montage by Mike!

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I got the voice chat sorted (thanks Duck!), but now sound from the component audio cable isn’t getting passed through to my speakers. All I need that for is Little Big Planet so we’ll play that with the HDMI cable I guess.

That is hilarious! I’m glad you’re recording! Are you thinking about getting black ops? (how many times have you been asked that question? Haha)

Yup, I was going to buy the hardened version but it’s disappeared off so I’m getting the standard version, for PS3.

Just trying to figure out how to cut clips out of a 21 minute video in Kdenlive now for a Nelson Bay SDM from last night!

That little exchange we had there made me laugh when it happened. When I noticed I wasn’t on your guy’s squad I put on my shotgun, lightweight and body armor and I went on the hunt for some dog tags. Sadly the game ended pretty fast after I joined and never got a chance to knife any of you.

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