Oh! Hi there Tye!

So we had some great games of Bad Company 2 last night. I was playing for quite a bit with Mike and Duck and sent numerous invites to Tye. When I eventually bumped into him it wasn’t quite in the fashion I expected…

Got some great clips, but it also recorded our voice chat (well, except mine) so I need to configure the PS3 correctly to avoid that in the future. On the other hand, I’m glad I did get Mike’s frantic “Get him! Get him! Get him!” as I danced with an enemy in a small room with knifes out! I was laughing so much it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t recorded!

Edit: Here’s that knife dance. Warning, some of the game chat is NSFW. And a bonus clip too, a sniper montage by Mike!

0 thoughts on “Oh! Hi there Tye!

  1. I got the voice chat sorted (thanks Duck!), but now sound from the component audio cable isn’t getting passed through to my speakers. All I need that for is Little Big Planet so we’ll play that with the HDMI cable I guess.

  2. That is hilarious! I’m glad you’re recording! Are you thinking about getting black ops? (how many times have you been asked that question? Haha)

    1. Yup, I was going to buy the hardened version but it’s disappeared off Amazon.co.uk so I’m getting the standard version, for PS3.

      Just trying to figure out how to cut clips out of a 21 minute video in Kdenlive now for a Nelson Bay SDM from last night!

  3. That little exchange we had there made me laugh when it happened. When I noticed I wasn’t on your guy’s squad I put on my shotgun, lightweight and body armor and I went on the hunt for some dog tags. Sadly the game ended pretty fast after I joined and never got a chance to knife any of you.

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