Hell of a Bad Company 2 gaming session l…

Hell of a Bad Company 2 gaming session last night with bigpresh and his friend (who I don’t remember right now). We rocked every game, winning almost all of them, and racking up the kills. I’m pretty sure we got best team in each game too.

After watching this video by Colin I decided to try the 40mm shotgun attachment but I really never got the chance to use it effectively. The one time I knew an enemy was waiting for me behind a corner I missed him and ended up knifing him. Then 2 of his squad mates showed up, I knifed one, and shot the other just as he shot me. It all happened so fast the second dog tags came up as I was respawning! Got a nice 300 points for that encounter!

In other news, if you’re RPGing an MCOM station on Nelson Bay, please make sure you check your corners. Thanks for the dog tags! 😉

My global KDR increased to 0.85, skill level plummeted to 1.75 (don’t care, gets me easier games in the future) and my KDR for the night was 1.59!

Great games.

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  1. If you want to get your KDR up, then use armor. I went 22 kills, 2 deaths last night in a BMP or whatever (light armor) on Panama Canal Conquest.

    I’ve gone even higher before (40-50 in say 5).

    1. Actually, I was running vehicle armour and piloting the heli on Valparaiso. We took a hit from an RPG and still had 26% health left, enough to ditch the heli and storm their base. 🙂

      I might try personal armour, but I’d miss the extra power of magnum ammo.

    1. ok, skill level is determined by the skill level of those you kill and who kill you. If the player you kill is a higher skill level your skill level goes up more than if it’s lower.
      I think if you’re killed by a lower level player your skill level goes down more than if you’re killed by a higher level player.

      That’s why my skill level plummeted. Most of the players were lower level than me and I still got killed quite a lot (especially when I was revived multiple times in enemy fire! Grrr) and the skill points I earned when I killed players was less than it might have been.

  2. Aye, we rocked 🙂 My friend was Phoenix1982 (Jim).

    Next time we all play, we’ll have to either get you connected to our Mumble (like Teamspeak but open-source) server, or get Jim to use the in-game chat.

    I was quite impressed with my new Bluetooth headset (Logitech Cordless Vantage) – I could hear you *much* more clearly than my old useless mobile phone headset.

    It was nice to finally get a chance to play again!

  3. Incidentally I was going to send a friend request to the other guy on our squad, “philly” or something similar, as he seemed to play fairly well, but he didn’t appear in the “Players Met” list after I quit the game.

    1. I can try Mumble, I have my macbook here and the headphones will work with that too. I could hear you fine for the first couple of games but definitely by the last 2 or 3 games it was hard to hear you. Maybe the batteries in your headset were getting weak? It was weird.

      Check the history on your stats above, you jumped from a skill level of about 100 to 200 so chances are the next game we have will be against better players!

      Mumble would be useful if there’s more than 4 of us online at the same time. Must look into that.

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