Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gameplay Video

No sign of a firm release date yet but this gameplay video from TGS looks promising. It’s hard not to be cynical about Battlefield now though. Kevin O’Leary, product manager for Bad Company 2, says it’s “not new content for the sake of content” whatever that means.

I wonder if we’ll be “treated” to further VIP mode packs for the four maps in this Vietnam expansion pack? I suspect not as this will probably be DLC itself but that begs the question, how many modes will be playable on each map?
Have they fixed the C4-on-MCOM-Station problem? If not you can say goodbye to my chances of playing that regularly.

Scenery looks lush and beautiful. If you didn’t like Laguna Presa you probably won’t like this! Finally, we’re getting a new map pack (four maps) that will have genuinely new maps. (via Colin)

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  1. Yeah, I read elsewhere that there’ll be fox holes and tunnels which should make things more interesting. This Joystiq article says that the game will be released as DLC only, so hopefully it’ll be reasonably priced!

    PS. Hi from Atlanta Airport! Free wifi and ssh tunnel to my VPS rocks 🙂

  2. i didnt like laguna presa that much, but the reason was the attackers cme from another island, and you really have to wait for them to attack, and if they are all snipers, youre bummed. but this map looks really nice

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