Map Pack #6 for Bad Company 2 (for real)

Once again Fieldoperative has the scoop. He must be watching the BC2 store on a daily basis!

Map *cough*mode*cough* pack #6 is out tomorrow for Bad Company 2 and in my opinion is a wasted opportunity and a disappointment. It will have Panama Canal Squad Death Match & Laguna Presa Squad Rush. At least I do play a bit of SDM these days but it would have been so nice to get Conquest on Valparaiso.

Can we all say, “DICEapathy”? Would that be fair?

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  1. Anyone care to explain why all these weren’t included in the retail release? Why people had to pay for the co-op mode? Does anyone actually feel like they are getting any sort of value from these “exclusive” VIP releases?

    Welcome to the corporation, DICE.

  2. I have never understood the way DICE/EA have handled this game. Most seem to believe map packs were never developed because DICE put resources into MOH and Need for Speed instead of a map pack. This makes no sense from a business perspective, map packs are like printing money, they cost next to nothing to develop and can be sold for a 1/4 of the price of the game and carry little risk.

    Does anyone else remember DICE’s marketing at the release of BC2 making fun of MW2 for not having any map packs? I just feel insulted by that marketing campaign at this point.

    Most seem to believe this is the final mode pack, but we are still missing at least 2 mode packs worth of content. Is there any proof of this being the final mode pack?

    1. There’s one more slot left in the BC2 store and there’s no VIP badge next to it. Could be one final paid-for upgrade or even the Vietnam upgrade. The VIP “goodness” has come to an end. We’ve got to pay for “map packs” now.

  3. That is super weak. It will take me months to play though maps, unless I’m in a SDM tourny or something. These are boring additions and its sad to think there will be nothing new until Vietnam comes out, which we have to pay for. Any idea how much?

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