Military Show at Cork City Gaol

Some photos from the military show at Cork City Gaol today. It’s also on tomorrow and well worth a visit!

I got to try out the red dot sight on an M416, see a Scar-L up close, and even checked out an M60 too. All replica air guns, without ammo unfortunately. There was a target range but there was a long queue for it. Maybe next time because my 3 yro son was disappointed the guns didn’t work!

I have a few more photos on my phone which I’ll upload tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Military Show at Cork City Gaol

    1. Slighty overwhelmed by it all actually and anyway, I prefer to be behind the camera. Quite a buzz to hold the 249 SAW, the Scar L and M416 though!

    1. Hehe, in the video where the Roman is laughing he had just been walking past a display of weapons and started joking with the guys there. He knew all of them 🙂

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