It’s kinda crazy having different usern…

It’s kinda crazy having different usernames on XBL and PSN so I’m going to send a load of friend requests to my current friends list on PSN from a new “xeer2000” account I registered a while back.

Now, if only I could think up pronounceable usernames so random strangers don’t stumble over my name …

Oh, since I’ve built up a mid-level character on BfBC2 I’m going to use donnchaoc for playing that but xeer2000 for any other games. Friend Requests will be flying out the door over the next day or so!

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    1. Yup, borderlands is ok. Xeer was my demo coding handle, oooh, 20 years ago. When I created my XBL account it was already taken (by my hotmail account I guess but I didn’t bother investigating) so I picked xeer2000.

      See my what is xeer post from a few years back for more info! 🙂

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