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This guide to the engineer’s 9A-91 on Bad Company 2 appeared on reddit earlier today. It’s the first gun engineers get and fairly crummy. Still, you have to use it to unlock the other weapons and upgrades so make the most of it at close to medium range. Pity the included video shows the player dying so many times. Not such a great advertisement for the gun!

It appears that at least on PS3 I’ve had most success with the Scar-L even though I’ve played a lot more with the XM8 Compact. Surprised me. What gun do you prefer to use as an engineer?

Since the patch the engineer has become one of my favourite classes. It’s deadly against helicopters and land based vehicles now the tracer is so fast. In the following video by Blame Truth on Valparaiso his squad all equipped with tracer darts. Everyone traced the choppers, he took them out, and the assault classes dropped ammo boxes for him to replenish his rockets!

While you’re here, check out his first BC2 video. Level 3 and he got 51 kills in one game. Nice.

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  1. Oh yeah, having a pint of Heineken while writing this post and looking out on Dingle Harbour again. Oooh, haven’t had a holiday in ages and enjoying this one (and Adam is feeling better today!)

  2. As engineer I like to run a good old shotgun with magnum/slugs, or the M4/G3. But for Engineer engineer kit I like to use the Uzi. It works for me. And I watched the BlameTruth video earlier and it seems that they’ve taken any and all skill out of taking down helis. That tracer he shoots is unbelievably fast. It’s as fast as, if not faster than a normal bullet!

    Glad the kiddy winkle is feeling better as well. Is the weather any better over there now?

  3. Actually, in our last game on Arica Harbour I think I used the shotgun too. Haven’t unlocked the Uzi yet though. After unlocking all the medic guns I’ve stopping playing that class for the most part and trying other classes out. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

    Weather is just as bad but we got out for a few hours, spotted crabs on the stony beach and investigated an old trawler. We’re going home on Friday instead of Sunday though, because we’re still worried about Adam. His antibiotic has to be refrigerated and the hotel we’re going to in Killarney couldn’t give us a fridge in our room.

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