Surviving an earthquake in Bad Company 2

This has to be the strangest bug in Bad Company 2. Every destructable building on Isla was spontaneously destructed and lay flattened after a few seconds.

It’s not C4 planted in each building as even the crate at Bravo 2 was gone despite the fact the location graphic was still visible. Reminds me of the bug I reported a few days ago.

0 thoughts on “Surviving an earthquake in Bad Company 2

  1. I wonder if that’s a similar thing as to what I’ve seen. Gone on to the next match, defending Isla and when I spawn most of the buildings are already gone…..

    1. I think that looks like a set up. There is no one killing them, they are flying in the helicopter just at the same time it happens, tickets are at 27 and when he looks at the score screen it reads 0 for everyone. I smell something fishy

  2. Maybe testing a new feature they plan to rollout? I think something like that could really swing the game round, no buildings for anyone to hide in.

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