Positive Bad Company 2 Results

Celebrate when you’re doing well! The following screenshots were taken of my stats during this gaming session and I was very pleased with myself.

I haven’t played much in the last 2 days but I did play 2 rounds with a (mostly) good group of guys yesterday evening. There was one annoying wookie on my squad who persisted in staying well back from the main fighting. I mean like, 1 base back far back from the fighting. I spawned on him once and cursed him for having to run so far to join the action again. I could have sworn we lost one game and then won the second game while defending but my stats say I won both games. Is that a bug?

By Donncha

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Bronze star on the handgun – you beast! Spawning on someone and then regretting it is awful. Spawning while attacking into a fatal situation is bad, but spawning on someone and then having to hike for two minutes to get to the battle is bad news.

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