Almost time for shotguns

Bad Company 2 on Xbox and PS3 hasn’t been patched yet but it will be soon. Until it is, shotguns with magnum ammo are way overpowered. Check out this clip via this post.

I haven’t unlocked magnum ammo yet so I can’t try it out. Hopefully soon as I’m very close! Here’s some more info.

And some general tips for BC2 I found on Reddit:

Out this evening with my wife at a Queen tribute band. Woohoo, thanks Dad for babysitting! šŸ™‚

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I unlocked the 12 gauge ammo thingy earlier or last night or the other day so I’ll have to give this a try. I always wondered how some people were able to totally destroy me with the shotguns. I’ll have to add this to my ‘cheap things to do before the patch’ list……

Haha, the list is growing longer and longer! You probably didn’t see my edit above as your comment appeared at the same time. I’ll be out this evening but hopefully online tomorrow night to get some practice in with a shotgun, even if I don’t have magnum ammo. At short range they’re devastating.

Another thing I unlocked was the destructive explosives thingy – but I’m only level 17 and that was supposed to be level 24. I don’t understand the BFBC2 unlock setup.

If there’s anyone about tonight I may go on. I was on this morning (post in progress) and was playing on my own…..not much fun.

Iā€™ll be on tonight but not sure about the time. Iā€™m goning to try that shotgun thing. See you there

I’ll be on tonight but not sure about the time. I’m goning to try that shotgun thing. See you there

I just got back. Midnight so I daren’t boot up either console! My son fell asleep late so if he sleeps late (any time after 7am is late!) we’ll count our blessings! Hope to get online tomorrow, maybe even in the afternoon as it’s a bank holiday here šŸ™‚

Just finished a game, MJ and me were joined by a couple of other random guys who turned out to be really good for our squad so we had some decent games. I’ll post it tomorrow as I’m going to bed now…..2am (arrgh!)

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