Had a few good games of Bad Company 2 to…

Had a few good games of Bad Company 2 tonight with strangers. Nobody used a mic which is frustrating. We lost a few games and won some more.

I was quite proud of my last game attacking on Isla. In the last base we took Bravo fairly quickly but Alpha was more problematic. I almost set the bomb there once but got hit by the heavy MG in a tower.
I came back as a medic with the SAW and watched one of my team mates set Alpha. He ducked into cover to the side but was killed by the heavy MG again. I ran up to the side of the green building in front of the base, and shot 3 defenders who came to disarm the crate! There was a guy manning the gun in the shed behind Alpha and I don’t know how he didn’t see me. I had him all lit up and was ready to kill him just as the game finished. We won! 🙂

I just remembered, in that game on Isla I jumped in a helicopter and waited for my team to join me. And waited. And waited. I think there was only one person in my squad at this stage and they had disappeared somewhere so I decided to go it alone, crash into a crate and see what happens.
Unfortunately I missed Alpha, hit the concrete walls and fell into the water. Not wanting to give the enemy a heli I planted a C4 on it and blew it before circling to the bridge and up and setting the bomb. I threw a motion mine which showed a few guys coming from the back of the base but a team mate and I made short work of them. Alpha blew, and unfortunately I was killed when my M1 ran out of ammo right at the wrong moment.

On Nelson Harbour I was defending, and the attackers were overwhelming. The first Bravo was lit up like a Christmas tree with all the sirens going off. I think I stopped it blowing twice. Once I snuck into that building, and killed 4 enemy sitting upstairs minding the crate. First one by the stairs, then 2 recons and a medic. I like the M1 🙂
The bad guys were back within seconds though. I hid out in the attic, took out a guy climbing the ladder, shot another and dropped a grenade down the hole just as I was killed by a guy from outside. Grenade killed another on the 1st floor as I was watching the killcam! Those guys were super organised. My team were not. I think I got 410 points out of that little incident.

Oh, and yes, I took to heart the advice about aiming in Seananner’s video and it definitely helped. I also used body armour for the first time and that helped too. I reverted my medic’s upgrades from weaponry to medic kit upgrades and the points rolled in at certain times. They certainly helped my team when we were camping on a crate that was about to explode. Unfortunately they then left and got mown down by a medic outside. Ah well.

Stats haven’t updated yet but I unlocked the Recon’s mortar. Judicious use of motion mines may have helped us I hope. Looks like I only got one spot assist this time so the 1167 points I earned was with brute killing power! Got a gold star with the SAW too.

Later… The stats have updated! My KDR was bumped up by 0.01, skill rating went up too by 14 points so there must have been more than a few higher level guys in my games. Got one dogtag, score per minute up 0.02 and win/loss ratio is up 0.04!

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