Getting by with 2 in a squad

StoneFaceLock offers some tips and gameplay in this video from Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Laguna Presa. Good teamwork with his squadmate on the attack. He recommends assault and medic for two man squads, or possibly a recon but not with a sniper rifle.

Might be something for Dave and myself to think about for our next game!

0 thoughts on “Getting by with 2 in a squad

  1. A friend and I have been doing this the last couple of nights. Works very well for a 2 man squad, plus the points climb due to the refills and medic packs.

    1. There’s something odd with your blog. I think I left a message on it saying this but I can’t resolve your domain name from here (Ireland) but I can ping it from US servers.

      I had hoped to be online last night but we watched Desperate Housewives instead. I need to boot up the Xbox tonight (it must feel left out with all my playing on the PS3!) so I’ll ping you if I see you!

      1. ? I can get it from here so there could be a DNS issue with your isp…

        But the tactic…. that’s a great setup for Death Match. And we normally end up running assault/medic or assault/engineer anyway. Although, until the patch hits PS3 I’m squeezing every last ounce of abuse I can get out of the M60.

      2. Maybe I should use opendns or something. Obviously something up with Vodafone’s servers. Or I could be really bold and hardcode his IP in /etc/hosts and hope he never moves hosting 🙂

      3. You were using magnum ammo with the M60 the other night weren’t you? In your commentary you mentioned it. Big difference then? I’m about 10k points from level 14 on PS3 and miles away from it on the Xbox unfortunately.

        I’ve texted Eddie (my wife’s nephew, she’s delighted we’re playing games together! Win!) and he’ll be on XBL tonight. It’s been about 2 weeks since I had any games of BC2 on the Xbox and I don’t want to get rusty with that controller! I really want to try out the recon mortar strike too 🙂

  2. Dns issues like that used to be a problem with NTL because their use of transparent proxies weren’t quite as transparent as they hoped – specifying the DNS server addresses worked in that case too. I didn’t think that ISPs still had those problems…..

    And yes, Magnum ammo. I use it pretty much on every kit now as it certainly makes up for my lack of accuracy. It’s like Stopping Power in MW2.

    Mortar strike is good for taking out other sniper positions, but be careful when calling them in from cover…..especially if you accidentally target a leaf right in front of your face.


    1. You might be interested in this discussion about magnum ammo. I think the author’s main points is that using MA takes up a perk that would be more usefully used for something else like body armour. That might be so but I’ll take MA if I’m playing as a medic and have a medic kit at my feet! 🙂

      1. I didn’t find that Body Armour made that much of difference….especially as most people were using magnum ammo anyway.

        Next time I’m on on my own I’ll give two rounds a go, one using Magnum Ammo, and the other using Marksman and see what the difference is to my game play.

        And the original poster on that reddit thread – great way to get a measured debate going: “Magnum ammo is for tossers”.

        Personally, I’d rather be a tosser running magnum ammo than a tosser watching the kill cam.

      2. Yeah, he really started a persuasive argument with that title didn’t he? 🙂

        I haven’t unlocked either of them so I can’t say. 10k points from level 14 so might do it tonight!

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