Knifing in Bad Company 2 is very broken

Ouch, was that bad luck or does it happen to everyone? I dunno how Dave got 67 dog tags, or Geoff got 94. I’ve got 17 and 19, depending on which platform.

There was a reddit thread about this and a DICE rep said they’re aware of the problem and suggested aiming for the head…

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  1. Obviously a glitch there when running around with the motion mine as he was meleeing(sp?) with the motion mine rather than knifing until right at the end.

    Knifing can be a bit erratic which is why I tend to only knife from behind – there have been a number of times where I’ve got up close and gone to knife a rushing attacker only for it to have no effect and be knifed in return (even though it should have killed them as on at least one occasion there was definitely blood).

    It does tend to be incredibly close range compared to MW2 though, which is a good thing.

  2. The trick I find is to stand about a pace or two behind the person you want to knife (if you have the luxury of lining yourself up), your character lunges and takes out the enemy. With that said, that video had 2 instances where the knife should have killed.

  3. I’ve experienced this a few times and although very frustrating I had put it down to the enemy having the extra armour perk. Its very difficult aiming for the head unless you are sneaking up from behind or jumping down from above.

    1. I just read down the comments on that post. The recon guy was typing something when he was attacked which reminded me of something similar.

      Hmm, you were typing eh? Something similar happened to me but on PS3 or Xbox, I can’t remember which.
      I was typing a note to someone and someone came up to me and shot me several times point blank range but I survived. Someone on my squad saw the whole thing and told me because I didn’t notice at all!

      Actually, I think it was Xbox and Eddie saw the whole thing happen. Must text him and ask him if he remembers.

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