Bah! Frapz spammed me!

I received a friend request from an oddly named character on Xbox Live the other day. Looked something like wwwwfrapzcouk with some odd characters thrown in here and there. They then spammed me. Grrr.

Frapz Spam

Rather embarrassingly for them, their website isn’t even set up correctly:

Friend removed, and complaint lodged. I don’t like unsolicited commercial messages. Especially on a social network.

0 thoughts on “Bah! Frapz spammed me!

  1. Ch3Ap CiAL1s here! Buy N0W!

    Kidding. Luckily I’ve avoided most spam so far, with the exception of the spammerous Twitter followers who I dump straight away.

    There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here – if you’re going to embark on a spam campaign, make sure your infrastructure is set up properly first.

    1. It was me my [macaroconi from youtube] my account was hacked and that was spammed to my friends list

  2. Erm…. frapz is Macaroconi. It’s his modded controller shop. So that “hacked” excuse is cow manure. I unsubbed him when he posted his “I’m selling modded controllers now….. hey everyone’s doing it….” cheating justification video which seems to have vanished. So, yes, I hope Xbox bans that user too.

    And to think I featured him in the Three to Watch….

  3. Was that a MONK discount code thing? I received a message from “| Mr Monk |” on XBLA offering a 10% discount from for rapid fire controller mods.

    Ah, it is. in the profile description. Not good at all.

  4. Was hardly cow manure, I was doing the site with a few guys and they were using me to get advertised.

    1. Well technically i was hacked if after i stopped working with them they hacked into my account and sent the spam… And im removed from the “recommended list”? Shit on a stick!

      1. Then you should be getting on to YouTube to get your channel “unhacked” because there’s lot of activity on there about frapz and modded controllers. And if it has been hacked and you are no longer in control of it then it is right that I don’t link through to a compromised channel.

  5. Nono My XBOX GT was hacked and that message was sent out, Im back in control of both accounts, The YouTube promos were uploaded by me at the time but my XBOX account was compomised when i lent my xbox to one of the guys i was doing Frapz with for a few days, He spent my remaining MSP to change my XBL to that name and havent been able to afford to change it since so haven’t went online much [not wanting to advertise in every game i join] As to why i still have the frapz stuff on my channel, Quite simply i haven’t been bothered to delete them, Ive had a LOT of work studyling lately and have found more important things to do but will get them deleted now that i remember about them


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