The tracer dart in Bad Company 2 rocks. …

The tracer dart in Bad Company 2 rocks.

Well, except when you’re a medic and you dart two tanks in a row but it appears that nobody wants to take advantage of the fact. That happened to me when I was on the hill leading down to the first base on Port Valdez. I darted their helicopter from afar on the last base but nobody took it for a spin. Oh well. We won that game anyway.

Arica Harbour was a lot more fun. Dart a tank, hide behind a rock and lock on. Aim into the sky and fire. Boom! Got 4 tanks in 2 rounds but lost the game eventually. Even after my daring “hop off the speeding transport outside Alpha and kill as many bad guys as possible” stunt. Got a double kill and lots of points! Oh well.

I even got my highest ever KDR, 2.33 or something. Good couple of games on the Xbox.

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You hate, don’t you? 😛 (why not merge blogs?)

Anyway, honestly I only use the tracer dart for when I’m an engineer. I love tagging players instead of vehicles. They go like “where the heck did that rocket come from?!”. 😆

Also did you know that the tracer dart is NOT affected by gravity? I don’t know about on a console, but with a mouse I can kick my sensitivity to super low (buttons on my mouse) and then dart up a sniper a million miles away (you’ll know you hit him when you get the +10 points). Then you just shoot a rocket straight up in the air and laugh as the sniper dies. Also works well for darting a helicopter (on the ground as it’s hard to hit it in the air) and then you can seek your missles on it.

I don’t hate it but I’m invested in this blog now 🙁

I equipped the tracer dart as a medic just because I hardly ever use the handgun in that class. At least with it I can do something against armour.

I’m not quite as good as that with the tracer but I love how true and straight it flies. It’s a bit disconcerting how long it takes to hit but it’s understandable as it’s a dart.

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