Couple of great games of Bad Company 2 w…

Couple of great games of Bad Company 2 with Eddie on the Xbox after work. I totally lost track of time!

I played recon with my trusty M1 for quite a while, and love that gun. Love the sound of it at least, even if it’s not the best gun in the game. I eventually unlocked the motion mines, and while defending they lit up the enemy nicely. I did try the M24 but, meh, I sucked at it. I got picked off by a sniper just after I respawned so I didn’t bother with it after that.

We lost mostly, but won at least one game. Mostly it was fairly evenly matched. It was tough but very enjoyable. We had a full squad with 2 strangers. Even though they didn’t use the mic at least they listened to me shouting at them. I think.

So, I leveled to rank 11. I unlocked the motion mine, the Type 88 sniper rifle, and one or two perks and got some achievement or other I think. KDR suffered but had great games.

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  1. I should say that I played a couple of games before Eddie logged in. I was trying to level up the recon class of course so I went with that. Unfortunately the random squad I joined defending on Port Valdez was made up entirely of recon guys who made absolutely no effort to defuse bombs or fight the enemy at medium to short range.

    It was totally frustrating, I was cursing them so much I had to turn my mic off. Not that any of them used one either. That seems to be a common occurrence when I play with strangers. They obviously don’t read this blog!

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