Bad Company 2 gets auto balanced some more

It’s like walking a tightrope. Lean one way or another and you’ll get hammered when you fall.

EA are deploying their R9 servers and among the fixes is the following:

Autobalance improved, it shuffles people both during and between rounds now, and does a better job.

I hope so. Some of the games last night were so lopsided that rounds were over in minutes. I suspect there might have been one other squad working together, and David and myself in our small mini squad may have been bumped to the other side to shore up a losing team. Unfortunately we were overrun a in our last game I think and we noticed our team was 2 men down.

The best games are those that go on and on, and you have to fight and hold your positions with a team that’s doing it’s job. Again and again I saw team mates run past a detonating bomb without a care for disarming it. So frustrating.

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  1. Yup, that last game the attackers still had about 50 tickets left! There’s something really wrong when that happens. However, I’d rather not chop and change sides during a game. I like to be on one team and work for that team, not suddenly find myself on the other side. If you know you’re likely to swap sides then what is the point of trying to do well for your team……you may as well just kill whore 0_o

    I hope EA don’t screw it up.

    1. I wasn’t paying attention to who was on my team but it was very odd. Both teams seemed to be really good at attacking but sucked at defending.

      Then again, I just remembered you noticed the other team were 2 down when they were defending so many there just wasn’t enough people online at the time. Perhaps the game engine tries to give the attackers the edge in numbers because in theory they have the more difficult job?

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