PS3 text chat to communicate with your team in Bad Company2

OK, so the Xbox has a handy private voice chat feature. You can use that feature to communicate with your entire team in Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the Xbox.

The PS3 has a voice/video chat feature but it doesn’t work when you’re in a game. It does have a private text chat feature however. If you’re playing with friends on your team, and they’re not on the same squad, invite them all to a private text chat session. If you have something to say hit the Playstation button on your controller and type. When someone writes something that text will appear as a notification in the corner of your screen. This will also work if your friends are on the opposite team and might make getting them all on your team that little bit easier.

Needless to say, you need a keyboard to do this effectively.

Thank you Geoff for the inspiration for this post.

Update! Geoff pointed out Ventrilo Server. It’s surround sound VOIP software. You could use it on a dedicated server (I have two) and have all your team connect their clients to it but they’d need to have PCs running Windows or Linux or a Mac next to their gaming rig.

Come to think of it, you could use Skype and set up a conference call. Might be problematic hearing other voices if you’ve got gaming headphones on though.

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  1. Ventrilo is awesome. I have one that my mates log onto whenever we play wow although to be honest I kicked a load of them for being…… well I wont go there.

    Another option is Teamspeak which just exactly the same.

    When I had my last guild, I set up seperate room for those who were playing as a team so they could discuss tacs without us over talking them, I had an AFK room, a pub (general chat and banter), rooms for pvp, pve its limitless in what you can do.

    I would very much highly recommend Ventrilo. Skype is ok but you do have a limit on that, is it 9? Not sure but on my vent server, I had a limit of 25 people and I can increase/reduce at the push of a button (and a payment of course)

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