Eddie and myself had some very good game…

Eddie and myself had some very good games of Bad Company 2 tonight, and then a couple of odd ones.

First of all, my hat goes off to dutch452. On Nelson Bay we were defending and doing a good job but suddenly there was a lack of attackers. People left the game in droves until there were about 4 defenders and one attacker, Dutch452. We traded kills a few times and to be honest it wasn’t the most exciting game. He managed to take out Alpha by flanking us and then staying in the upstairs where he killed me. (I shot him through the floor from outside when I saw where he was, but not before dying at least twice!) He then took Bravo with mortar strikes!

Myself and Eddie left the game shortly after and I sent Dutch452 a congratulatory message. Hope he won in the end but he replied that he was out of ideas!

Further oddness, in the next game we were 3 down on the other team, and eventually lost the game. A bloody UAV ran me over as I defended the base. Grrr.

To add to the oddness, the global scoreboard page showed only me in second place after the rightful first place player. I’ll have screenshots tomorrow.

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    1. If I’d been quick enough I should have taken a photo of the UAV in the doorway of the building as it hovered over my dead body but I was too shocked!

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