Nah, I’m happy with my KDR as I’m playing Rush all the time which is an objective based game. The most important single objective in the game is the team win and playing as a team. As a medic I did very well IMO.

I unlocked quite a few new gadgets: red dot sight, 4x zoom and a few health box upgrades. I tried the red dot and 4x zoom. The red dot helped, 4x zoom didn’t as I prefer to be closer and I’m not precise enough with the controller.

I used the health upgrade mostly; one upgrade increased the range of the health pack which proved really effective.
On one round we holed up in Bravo defending the bomb. I dropped the health packs near my team and racked up the points when they were injured, and revived them too. Every revive gives me the same points as a kill. After one particular incident when we were hit by an RPG I think I earned 490 points after everyone had healed.

I somehow managed to stay alive most of the time running from one person to another doing the medic thing. Exciting stuff! 🙂