free download games for mobile …

free download games for mobile nokia 7650 phone – also has instructions for installing .sis files.

More free games for the 7650, including a version of Go!

186 thoughts on “free download games for mobile …

  1. cell phone companies will laugh at us who bought china phones…LOLZ for everyone who got bored with it..hahaha

  2. Dear Sir,

    Please confirm how we download java and games in my sigmater s80 mobil.

    if possibel so please gove me drive for download the java in my mobil.

    we need your help for this matter


  3. yeah. U al motha’ fucking idiot. China mobile can’t go to internet. Fuck u all! If u want games? Change ur cellphone. Buy the original. Not that stupid china phne. Bye!!

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